behind the lens

behind the lens

Ledia tashi

Leading with purpose
and intention.

Life is more meaningful when we lead with our hearts, when we care about those we serve and have their best interest in mind. We want you to have memories that will stand the test of time decades from now. We don't want you to just have pretty images, but truly magnificent works of art that represent you, speaks volume and helps you relive the moments all over again. You're deserving of that and more.

devoted to creating meaningful moments.

Every love story is unique and it deserves to be communicated through imagery in a way that's authentic, evokes emotion, is organic and effortlessly beautiful. Coming from a background of design, dance, and love for Italian and French art, Ledia merges these elements to document and create works of art that her clients feel inspired by. Her calming, uplifting, supportive and professional demeanor on wedding days, provides a space for everyone to feel harmonious and comfortable. 

Ledia's keep eye to detail, care for people, passion and love for genuine connection, inspire her work and allow her to capture meaningful, intimate moments.. By thoughtfully understand her couples, their vision, what's most important to them, Ledia helps bring their vision to life effortlessly. 

On weekends, Ledia enjoys gardening in her home, making pasta (or pizza) and immersing herself into a good book. She loves traveling the world, learning new languages and different cultures. Her passion for photography gives her the opportunity to share the stories of others in a moving way giving us a glimpse into our human collective experience. 



our clients

Appreciate the little things, are down to earth, love to travel, find beauty all around them, practice gratitude, prioritize family and friends and most of all are madly in love with one another. 



Discovering new bakeries

Traveling the world

Feeling inspired in new spaces.

Spending time with my husband.

Caring for my home plants and adding new ones.

THE ONLY WAY TO DO                      IS TO LOVE

great work,

you do.

— steve jobs

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