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How To Prepare For Your Engagement Shoot

January 24, 2016


I’m so thrilled to finally share this blog post because my most asked question is how to prepare for the engagement session. I know it’s probably a little nerve wrecking considering that someone you barely know will be photographing you and your fiance however, I have great news!! There are only 5 things you need to know before your engagement session to help you feel at ease and relaxed and all of them are easy!

The most important of all is to consider your session as a day for you both to relax and enjoy while getting some amazing images!


1. Relax & Have Fun

Just to start off, there is no way I expect you to be a model and perfectly pose. Actually, I would rather my couples not fixate on being perfect models. The most important part of the engagement session is to feel completely relaxed and in the moment – laugh, joke, skip along the sand together, cuddle and hold each other in a close embrace and have it be all about you!

2. Figure Out What To Wear

Thank god for pinterest because there are SO MANY ideas available at your finger tips! Also, don’t take the outfit hunting too seriously and stress over it – find a nice formal outfit and a causal outfit you both feel comfortable in. The most important thing about this is picking out clothing items you feel confident in so go through your closet first and see what you can find. I suggest looking for nice color combinations like for example pink, gray, navy blue, white or burgundy, tan, white, forest green – you get the idea. If you need more inspiration, check out my engagement board on pinterest HERE!

3. Decide On Your Location

The third most important thing is choosing the right location. If you dont know what location to choose I will have a few options available for you to choose from. If you have absolutely no idea what scenery will work best, head over to pinterest again (your virtual best friend for ideas) and gather your favorite engagement shots to see which one’s you gravitate more to. If you have ideas on doing a destination engagement session, we can plan for that too! I LOVE destination shoots!

4. Trust Your Photographer

Chances are when you hire a photographer, you also have the opportunity to experience how they make you feel. Photography truly goes beyond just clicking a button to just taking a picture or learning a few technical tricks – the person taking the pictures is critical to the overall process. Thankfully, those lucky individuals who choose to take of the challege of photographing people also have a unique creative process and a unique way of looking at the world.

5. Be Yourselves

I can pose couples all day in different all differnet angles, light, etc. but the most beautiful images are captured in the moment of you laughing and being yourselves. In fact, I don’t like having all of my sessions look and feel the same. Each engagement session is unique to the couple and the love they share with one another. So be yourselves, have fun and enjoy the experience!


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