How To Choose The Right Photographer

August 23, 2016


Planning a wedding day is already a challenging task but when it comes to picking the right vendors to help your dream wedding come to life may be even more challenging! Choosing the right photographer for your wedding day is as essential as planning your wedding. At the end of the day when the hours have passed and guests have left, the only thing you will be left remembering are the memories from your wedding day. If you are going to splurge on any vendor, the venue and photographer should be at the top of your list!


1. Find The Right Style

Photographers differ and so do the images they take. Sometimes a photographer’s personality will also reflect in their images. If you are into darker tones that have a more vintage look to them, you may want to look for a photographer that has those consistent tones in their images. If you feel that the bright, warm images are what you are drawn to, find a photographer who has a consistent amount of light and warmth to their images.

2. Someone Who You Would Enjoy Working With

A photographer’s photograpic style is just as important as their personality. Working with someone who has a good attitude and is just as excited about your wedding day as you are will result in a great wedding experience. Your photographer will be by your side almost the entire day and making sure you enjoy their company and direction will help ease your mind and will help you enjoy your day to the fullest!

3. Don’t Just Google

The first tempting thing to do is a google search of Wedding Photographers. While some may be a good find, google will only show a limited amount of photographers who vary in style and you may not be seeing other talented photographers in the Tampa area. Make sure to look through Tampa Wedding Photographers on Wedding Wire, The Knot, Facebook, and Instagram hashtags like #weddingphotographer #tampaweddingphotographer

4. Is Responsive And Offers Value

Finding the perfect photographer sometimes goes beyond just beautiful images. A person may be talented but so are many other photographers locally, or globally. If you contact a photographer and see that they are always responsive and helpful it’s a good sign that you’ve found someone who also cares about you and your needs. The difference between a good photographer and a great photographer is the value they offer in their services. Great photographers will go above and beyond to make sure their couples have an amazing experience with them!

5. Helps You With Your Overall Vision

Of course photographer’s arent necessarily your wedding planners however, when it comes to the overall vision of your wedding day – they are the perfect people to ask! Photographer’s have a keen eye for arrangements, compositions, styles, color combinations & contrast and much more! I personally started out as a graphic designer before I picked up a camera and loved the creative process. I combine my love for style, design and photography to create a unique photographic experience while offering creative ideas that are fun and entertaining! When I realized I wanted to be a wedding photographer it made perfect since because I loved every part of the creative wedding planning process and helping brides create their own perfect wedding day vision!

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