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May 5, 2017

5 Types of Dresses For Your Engagement Session

As if being nervous for the engagement session isn’t already enough, now you have to see what dress would be perfect for your engagement session! If you’re like me, the first thing you’ll do is run to your closet to try and find something suitable or you skip the closet entirely and start searching feverishly online for something decent.

The hard part is, if you don’t have a set vision or style of what you’re going to wear, you’re probably going to spend hours trying to find something and most likely, you end with 2 choices and 3 hours already wasted for the day. I don’t want you wasting your time so here are a few outfit ideas that would be perfect for your engagement session!


1. The Fun Flowery/Patterned Dress

I love these types of dresses because they’re so much fun to work with and can add a lot of POP in pictures! Here are a few other ideas as well that work well! I recommend visiting LuLus for some of these dresses.


2. The Simple But Elegant

These types of dresses are the sweet spot! You don’t have to worry about being too overdressed but it still has the class and elegance you’re looking for! Here are some other ideas 🙂


3. Show Stopper Glam

I love show stopped dresses especially in cityscapes or areas that have a lot of architecture! It’s a good balance for a beautiful show stopper dress!


4. Short and Sweet

I love the short and sweet dresses! Sometimes my brides-to-be will opt out for a long dress and a short one which I think works wonderfully with different types of settings! Here are a few other ideas for you 🙂


5. Classy & Elegant

I saved the best for last of course and if you can’t already tell, these are my favorite types of dresses along with the simple and elegant! Here are more examples below 🙂

If you still have questions or maybe I missed the type of dress you were looking for, post it on the comments below so I can reply back to you or reach out to me personally through email!


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