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All About Save the Date Cards

July 31, 2017


If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already done an engagement session (first step is done YAYYY) and now you’re looking into Save the Date cards to send out! If you’re having a destination wedding, most likely, it’s best to send out your save the date cards at least 1 year in advance to give your guests ample time to plan for their travel (especially if most of them are coming from out of state). If you’re having a local wedding and most of your guests will already be in the area, 6 months is usually a standard time to send out your save the dates!

Now to the fun part!!!! Once you get your engagement pictures back you’d want to look into what type of style & design will fit your wedding theme! Another factor will be what pictures work best with what design you’re choosing! If you’re not sure where to start looking I recommend checking out Basic Invite for their engagement cards or engagement party invitations they have a good variety of classic & simple designs that are beautiful and fairly inexpensive which is awesome!!!

Okay so now for what to choose based on your style 🙂

1. Horizontal Pictures with A Modern Look

If your favorite pictures are mostly horizontal, this would be a great option. The letters also come in real foil which always excites me since I love anything with gold! Plus it definitely adds to the quality. Also, this is perfect for a very classy B&W shot!

2. Vertical with a Classic Look

OKay this one is one of my favorites as well! I love the big YES curled around the top! This one also has that beautiful silver foil – in case your colors have silver and not gold 😉 I also love that the image is separated from some of the words because it’s hard at times trying to have the text show up when it’s over an image.

3. Modern & Simple in Vertical 🙂

I couldn’t leave out the rose gold now…this one is such a wonderful style and different from the classic look. The simplicity and modern feel are wonderful in general and really any vertical image will look good with this! Also, you can play with the envelope colors as well since they have so many to choose from! You can match rose gold foil with a beautiful gray color envelope or even a dusty blue depending on what your colors are!!

4. If You Haven’t Taken Your Engagement Photos

This one is GREAT because I mean because things like this happen…the planning doesn’t go as “planned” and for some reason you weren’t able to get your engagement photos done so you’re left with no pictures to use for the Save the Dates and you HAVE to send them soon because your wedding will be out of state! I mean quite frankly, you don’t always have to use your engagement photos (even though they’re amazing if you have them) but there are so many other options and it will still look wonderful! Here is one you can definitely use that will still work perfectly!! I actually quickly customized that myself because they have SO many customization options which so CONVENIENT!!

Definitely check them out while you’re browsing for websites to print your save the dates and if you have any questions, reach out to me! I’m going to provide their website below along with their Instagram as well! 🙂

Basic Invite




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