Wedding Details To Have Ready for Your Photographer -

May 15, 2020

Wedding Details To Have Ready for Your Photographer

What details to have ready for your wedding photographer

You’ve worked hard to plan all of the details for your wedding so make sure to have your details ready for your photographer on the BIG DAY! Photographing details are my favorite way to start a wedding day and it truly sets the stage for everything else that’s to come!

The wedding details are a beautiful way to bring all of the different elements together. I recommend having a designated box with everything inside and letting your photographer know where to find it when they arrive. There are so many to remember which is why I want to provide to you the FULL list I give to my LTP Brides 🙂

  1. Invitation Suite
  2. Bridal Dress & Veil (include a few clips so your photographer can clip the back of the dress)
  3. Shoes
  4. Wedding Bouquet
  5. Unused Stamps
  6. All 3 Rings (engagement, wedding band & your husband/wife’s ring)
  7. Perfume
  8. Ring Box
  9. Jewelry (bracelet, necklace, earrings)
  10.  Anything else that you want your photographer to photograph. Usually, my brides have special jewelry that is passed down to them from their grandmother etc.


If you’d like me to cover a specific topic, be sure to reach out to me here.

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