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Why Every Bride Should Have An Unplugged Ceremony

June 30, 2020


Are you considering an unplugged ceremony for your wedding day? An unplugged ceremony is where guests are asked to put away their cell phones and cameras and be fully present in the moment. They’ve become popular in recent years, and for good reason! I’m sharing 5 reasons why I think every bride should have an unplugged ceremony.


1. Why You’re Hiring A Professional Photographer For The Job

You’ve hired a professional photographer to capture your big day. Phones very often get in the way of photographers & videographers trying to capture those pivotal moments. You wouldn’t want to see your uncle holding up his phone to snap a shot that ends up blocking your photographers’ perfect view of your first kiss as newlyweds! You’ve hired a professional to take the photos for a reason. By holding an unplugged ceremony, you’re kindly asking guests to put away their devices to protect the images your photographer catches for you.


2. It Helps You Live in The Moment

When you have an unplugged ceremony this ensures that the focus of your day is where it should be. On you and your new spouse! Ceremonies typically aren’t that long and one of the most special and magical parts of the whole day, so being fully in the moment while it’s happening is so important! Not only will you be in the present moment, but your guests will be too.


3. Phones Become a Distraction During the Ceremony

Could you imagine hearing a phone ring as you’re exchanging vows… the thought of that alone makes me cringe! Unfortunately, it’s happened. An unplugged ceremony would ensure that phones are silent and there wouldn’t be any additional distractions. It also encourages your guests to stay in the moment with you rather than becoming distracted by their devices.


4. Guests Can Take Pictures After the Ceremony

As I mentioned, the ceremony usually isn’t the longest portion of the day. So your guests will be able to take as many pictures as they want the rest of the night! Some of these times include during a cocktail hour while visiting with friends and family or when dancing in the evening, those pictures are perfect for your guests to take. Plus, they won’t hold back your photographer from capturing those extra special intimate moments.


5. How to Unplug Your Ceremony

There are so many ways to inform your guests that your ceremony will be unplugged. Pinterest is filled with cute ideas for signs that you can place at the front doors of your ceremony location. You could also add it to your RSVP as a friendly reminder!

I also strongly encourage your officiant to give a final reminder before the ceremony starts to that it doesn’t slip anyone’s mind to keep their phone away and silenced! 🙂

From my point of view, there is nothing wrong with guests taking photos throughout the wedding, I know I would want to take pictures with my phone as well! However, during the ceremony (a pivotal moment for photographers to capture those emotional moments) there have been countless times where guests have stepped out in the aisle with their phones. This completely blocks the groom’s reaction and even the bride’s reaction when she’s walking down the aisle. So it can really inhibit your photographer’s ability to capture those important moments.

This day will only happen once and it’s something we can’t repeat when it comes to photos, and holding an unplugged ceremony will help ensure your final gallery is everything you could have hoped for!

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