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7 Reception Ideas To Ensure Your Guests Have A Blast!

July 20, 2020


Creating a fun & live atmosphere for guests has become more and more of a priority for couples over the years. After all, couples want to make sure their guests (some who come from out of town) are there to enjoy their big day with them. After photographing 100+ weddings, I’m very excited to share with you reception ideas and vendors that have truly made these weddings special!


1. Cold Spark Lighting

Cold spark lighting looks A LOT like sparklers you light with a match however, they’re completely SAFE! They eliminate the possibility of causing a fire or any hazardous situation because the sparks themselves are cold. To completely break it down, fireworks require combustion and lots of heat in order to work. I won’t get into all the science behind cold spark lighting, but in short, they need a cool temperature of 62 degrees (that’s cooler than our body temperature) in order to operate. The results of this small machine at events are absolutely spectacular and I believe is a MUST if you would like to WOW your guests!

I love how many ideas Noor & Ahmad incorporated for their wedding! You can view the blog post HERE.

They used Spark Wedding Events for the cold spark lighting and have many other lighting options on their website!


2. Lounge Station

If your venue allows space, setting up a lounge station can actually be inexpensive and quite nice for your guests! I’ve seen so many wonderful set-ups from weddings and it allows your guests to move around and relax together!


3. Ice Cream or Coffee Truck

If you know me, you’d know I’m a HUGE foodie and I couldn’t miss adding this on the list! If you both share a love for coffee or ice cream and want to make this available for your guests, it’s usually is a huge HIT!


4. Photo Booth

This is one of my FAVORITES and I recommend a photo booth to every couple getting married! Coming from a wedding photographer’s point of view, I normally capture a few pictures of guests in their element while dancing however, they don’t get to see those pictures until later when I deliver full galleries to my couples (who then share those images with guests). The photo booth provides a fun atmosphere and creates some of the funniest & memorable moments I’ve seen! It’s also something guests can take home with them for the night and put their picture on their fridge when they get home.

Our sister company The Gala Photobooth in the Tampa Bay Area has been our labor of love these past few months and we just launched our website in June!


5. Live Band

I have never seen a room light up more than with having a LIVE BAND and I highly recommend you add this to your wedding if you have the budget for it. From what I’ve seen, there is always a huge difference between a DJ and live band. The energy of the room completely comes to life! Make sure to do your research and find a reputable band and talk to your wedding planner about it!


6. Late Night Snacks

If your wedding is lasting until midnight (or at least close to it) and guests have dinner around 6pm or 7pm, I think this something really nice to add if you’re able to fit in your budget. I’ve seen burger sliders, fries served as late snacks, a dessert bar, and assorted cheeses & meats!

View more from Sandra & Matt’s Wedding HERE

Nicole & Matt created their own, cute doughnut station for their wedding! You can also view their wedding HERE.


7. Cigar Station –

The cigar station is one of my favorites and such a nice way for your guests to relax during the reception!

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