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Why you should consider doing a first look

July 20, 2020


Why You Should Consider Doing a First Look

What is a first look?

You may have heard this term a few times and wondering what exactly it entails. A first look is when you see one another before the ceremony and there’s a reason why it’s become more popular over the years. If you know you want to stick to the more traditional way, I think it’s worth at least knowing the benefits of doing a first look.

After doing more than 100+ weddings, couples who end up doing a first look not only have a smoother wedding day but we also have more time for pictures. I’m a traditionalist at heart when it comes to having the first look be during the ceremony so trust me, I understand where you’re coming from.


5 reasons why you should consider doing a first look.


1. Have a quiet moment together  

If you’re seeing each other at the ceremony for the first time, you won’t have a lot of time to be present with one another until reception when you’re sitting down to eat. Wedding days actually FLY by and not doing a first look makes it go by even faster. Having a quiet moment together in a private setting I’ve found to have a profound effect on couples. If you’re worried about your partner not having the same reaction, I have photos to prove it otherwise. 


2. More time for sunset photos

For all of my brides, photography is one of their top priorities, and having more time for portraits is always a huge plus! Having some extra time for sunset photos of you two during that golden hour is so amazing!


3. A lot fewer risks involved

To be completely realistic, there are a lot of unforeseen events that can occur the day of. I know from my experience, a LOT has gone wrong like florists being delayed because of an unforeseen accident on the road, makeup & hair taking a lot longer than planned and not to mention the weather. By doing a first look, you leave very little room for risks occurring. 


4. Take Your Wedding Party Photos Before

When you take your photos before the ceremony, you won’t feel as rushed to get back to your guests at the cocktail hour and can really enjoy that time together and be fully present. You’re also able to plan the timeline of these photos accordingly which removes the stress.


5. Less Nerves

When you’re able to see you each other before the ceremony, you get the added bonus of that special moment together and can also relax one another before you walk down the aisle.


6. You can Join Cocktail Hour with your guests

Another bonus to having a first look is that you are able to mingle with your guests during the cocktail hour. Instead of having to leave the party and go take pictures, you’re able to talk to with all of your guests. And you can take photos with them!


Of course if you know for certain you’re not doing a first look to make sure they speak to their photographer/planner about the ceremony time to make sure they have enough time for all portraits after the ceremony including – Family Formals, Bridal Party & Bride & Groom photos (which will take 1.5 hours roughly)


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